Linchpins Ship

Ship it!.gif

Linchpins ship. 

During the past month I have been reading Linchpin by Seth Godin. The phrase “Linchpins Ship” has emerged as a motto, a challenge, and invigorating ideal. 

What is a linchpin? Someone someone who is indispensable from an organization. Someone who you can’t fire. Life becomes much more difficult when a linchpin is gone.

What is shipping? Shipping is publishing the project even though it’s not 100%. Shipping is squashing perfectionism. Shipping means toppling fear and moving forward anyway.

Bureaucrats push paper and ask questions. Whiners ask questions and pass responsibility. But linchpins ship. 

In October and November I’m setting out to write and post on this blog every single day. I won’t write blogs before the day begins and I won’t post them after it ends. I will write and post every day as a discipline to teach me to ship

Will every blog be perfect? No. Will every blog be seminal? Absolutely not. Will every blog be life-changing? No way. But every blog will show up. 

This is an exercise to make me a better writer. It’s an exercise to help bolster my website. But mostly it is an exercise to teach me to ship. 

Follow along, and happy shipping.

Joshua Reese