No One Else Wants to Do It


Yesterday I went to The Broad in Downtown LA.

It’s a museum with a ton of contemporary art. I saw Jeff Koons’ gargantuan balloon sculpture called “Tulips”. 

A lot of people dislike contemporary art because the concepts often aren’t very complex. Sometimes its just colored shapes on top of other colored shapes. People get mad because if they could have made it, then why did they just pay 20 bucks to get in to the museum? 

On some level, I understand this. These balloons aren’t really a ground breaking artistic piece. It just looks like balloons. 

But have you ever seen a ballon sculpture this big anywhere else?

Sometimes we can get discouraged with our business ideas because people could just do it themselves. And if people can do it themselves, then why would they pay us to? But that’s the catch. People won’t do it themselves. Everyone wants a giant balloon sculpture to take a picture in front of, but no one is going to take the time to do it. 

Make a list of all the things you know how to do, but happily pay someone else to do for you. No matter how simple a business idea is, or how repeatable, it still takes hard work, empathy, and consistency to pull off. And that rules out 99% of people. 

Sometimes you don’t have to do the most original thing. Sometimes you just have to show up. 

Joshua Reese