Generosity Within a Team


Here are some initial thoughts on being generous with time within the context of a team:

When I freelance on one-off projects, I have a hard time finding the line between being generous and remaining profitable. I often find myself under charging, while saying yes to extra deliverables without making sure they’ll be profitable. 

I just want to help.

But now that I’m working within the That One Blond Kid team on retainer, there’s no need to nickel and dime for my time. In fact, the more generous I can be, and the more I can accomplish, the better the team will do and the more money I’ll end up making.

I’ve seen this happen already by being able to increase my monthly retainer and take a cut of some bigger productions. 

I wish I had a “rule of thumb” based on these ideas, or a piece of advice. I don’t yet. I’m still developing that. But since this is a daily blog, I figured I would update my readers on new discoveries in working for a team. 

Keep working hard, friends!

Joshua Reese