Change the Culture - Part II "Hopeless"


Today I woke up early, got coffee, and listened to a marketing podcast before breakfast.

Why did I do that?

Well, I did it because I wanted to prepare my mindset to avoid stress and maximize productivity today.

Why do I want to do that? Well, I ultimately want to create a successful business for myself and I currently want to help Jeremiah’s projects succeed.

Why do I want to do that? What’s so compelling about success?

Well, I think ideally I want to make a decent amount of money so I have more time and influence to create things that matter.

And why do I want to do that? Because I want to have an impact on culture!

Why do I have the audacity to believe my creativity will impact culture and be remembered?

Well, if I’m honest, I’m not sure anything I create will outlive me or have a strong impact on culture. In fact, I’m deeply afraid that it wont. I work in the digital marketing sphere, mostly in social media. Content we spend weeks creating gets scrolled past in seconds, not even appreciated. Who am I to think that my work will even be remembered in five years, much less after I die?

It seems like I’m chasing success as a way to become significant, but even success can’t guarantee that. There are thousands of people who have made more money than I ever will who no one remembers at all.

Will I be remembered when I die? Will my work mean anything at all?

When I follow the question “why?” to the bottom of the rabbit hole, I end up with hopelessness and confusion. I sit in a vague fog, wondering why I’m working at all.

Stay tuned for Part III.

Joshua Reese