Fifteen Minutes

What if you could dedicate two weeks each year to doing whatever you wanted to do?

Could you use those two weeks to learn a new skill? Or enjoy music? Or read up on a new field you’re interested in? What if you could use them to start a business? Or network with people you want to get to know? Or what if you could use them to create art, or pursue the creative passions you always dreamed about?

Here’s something crazy: if you dedicate 15 minutes per day, 6 days a week to whatever you want, that adds up to 78 hours per year. In short, 2 full work weeks.

I’ve been spending my 15 minutes each day to read. So far this year I’ve read Building a Story Brand, Side Hustle, Retire Inspired, Between the World and Me, When, How To Never Lose A Customer Again, and The Bootstrapper’s Bible. I’m about to start This Is Marketing. These books have been transforming my business, shifting my worldview, and gradually changing my life.

I’ve been reading during my morning coffee, and I stop when I get bored or distracted. Many days I don’t even read at all. But these short sessions add up, and the insights I’ve gained are incredibly valuable. I can really see a difference.

What’s especially exciting about pursuing something 15 minutes at a time is that often, this gives more space in between for things to sink in. I can put each little idea into practice, and try them out in a way wouldn’t be able to if read every book in the span of two weeks.

I encourage you to find a slot in your day where you can start learning something new for 15 minutes at a time. Because if we’re honest, the alternative is often just scrolling on social media.

Joshua Reese