Blogging Every Day in November

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When I started college as a Freshman, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be there. I hadn’t declared a major, I didn’t have any specific aspirations, and I had too many interests to pick any path.

People around me flaunted their majors and talked grad school goals, while I debated leaving. Slowly, school became more interesting as I got into it, and by my Junior year I was sitting in the front row of my favorite professors’ classes, taking vigorous notes.

Shortly after graduation, I started to think about grad school and imagined teaching at a University. Just after that, I started to pay my student loans and I had trouble getting a job. So I became disillusioned with the kind college education I got.

So what was I to do? I wanted the impact and the continued education professors have, but I didn’t want to join the diminishing college industry.

Then it hit me: I can write.

Around the same time, I was devouring books and blogs by Tim Ferriss, Donald Miller, Tony Hsieh, Chris Guillebeau. They were educating me more than my college did for only $18.95 per title, and I looked up to them as much as my favorite professors.

So I would write!

In October, I saw a few friends of mine take part in a challenge called “Inktober.” They challenged themselves to draw something every single day of the month and post it. I loved the concept, and wished there was something similar for aspiring writers as well. So here we are. I call it Blogvember, (never mind, I don’t want to try to pronounce that again).

Right now, I’m envisioning a 35 year old Reese. Hopefully he’s helped businesses grow with good marketing. With any luck he’s bootstrapped a business or two of his own. He’s probably lost most of his hair (thanks Dad). But most importantly?

He’s written a book.

And how did he do that?

By writing consistently every day.

Joshua Reese