Water = Good Days

Water Gif.gif

Some days I feel great. I have energy, and an optimistic outlook. I can make decisions.

Other days I feel bad. I’m kind of sluggish, I see things through a negative lens. I’m nervous about the choices I make.

Do you know what the difference is between those days?


The amount of water I drink often determines whether or not I feel chipper and have that positive outlook. If I’m dehydrated, I’m more likely to slip into a pessimistic state of mind and have a bad day.

The question I’m posing is this: how much of how we feel is actually affected by small controllable factors?

I’m not saying that water will make you have awesome days. I am saying that your days will be much less awesome if you drink no water at all. I’m not saying social media makes you anxious. I am saying that if you only cruise on social media for the whole day, you’ll feel unproductive and envious. I’m not saying that taking time off will cure you of all stress. I am saying that if you never take any moments off, you will become very stressed.

Obviously, there are things that no amount of water can fix. But when facing these things, why not be as hydrated as possible?

I encourage you to discover what small, controllable factors determine how you feel. Then, make every effort to be consistent with the things that make you feel good and avoid the things that make you feel bad. For me, I try to schedule exercise into my day, eat within 30 minutes of having coffee, put a bottle of water and a glass on my desk.

What small things could you do to have better days?

I hope this was helpful for you, please share it with a friend who you think will find it valuable. 

Joshua Reese