You Know What you Want. But You Really Have No Clue.

You know what you want.

You want to make money. You want people to follow you. You want to have something you made go viral.

But when you open up Facebook's Ads Manager and stare at the endless objectives, audience possibilities, placements, and media options... you really have no clue what you want.

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Staring at a Facebook's Ads Manager and feeling petrified to even begin is very real. Heaps of people feel that every day. This is a tragedy because surely you would be well on your way to marketing success if you just... had.... some........ concept............ of how to get started. 

Meet the Audience + Objective Cheat Sheet, a free resource I created to simplify your decisions and help you launch your next campaign.

Ahh, sweet sweet relief. Here's how it works:

1. You begin with a super basic desire, like the ones I spelled out at the beginning of this thing. 
2. The Cheat Sheet walks you through which Facebook Advertising Objective to choose.
3. The Cheat Sheet suggests effective Audiences, Media, and Copy for your ads.

Good, you can get it by clicking that button. Click that button.

Stop letting Facebook's spooky looking Ads Manager intimidate you and keep you from achieving the growth and sales you need to be successful. Instead, be the captain of your own balloon, and steer it to good marketing and self-actualization.

Joshua Reese