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The One-Liner

“We are a team whose passion is to create an experience that leaves you with incredible memories in addition to stunning photographs.”

A great one-liner should accomplish three things: it should let people know what the business does, who it serves, and what it helps people accomplish. Your current one liner lacks in a few  areas. 

First, it doesn’t get to the subject of the sentence until roughly 60% of the way through. Words like “team”, “passion”, and “experience” all describe the way you work before identifying what your work is. This confuses readers because they have to remember these descriptors as they wait for the subject, which is photographs. 

Second, it doesn’t identify who you serve. Obviously you shoot weddings, but who do you shoot them for? This is a turning point for readers, and helps them understand whether or not you’re capable of helping them. If JCP was your everyday photographer, I wouldn’t stress this so much, but since you serve a higher-paying clientele and deliver classic-style photographs, I’d call this out to let that market segment know this is for them.

Third, the main value proposition (incredible memories) is in the middle of the sentence, leading to a dropoff at the end (stunning photographs). I recommend you rearrange the sentence to finish with a crescendo, such that the stunning photographs are the vehicle to give someone incredible memories.  

Here’s an example of a one-liner you could use that employs all three elements:

“We photograph weddings in a classic, professional style to assure that your memories will look timeless for decades to come.” 

This lets people know what you do in the first three words, then it lets people know how you do it, and finally positions timeless memories as the end goal. While this one-liner still needs some work, it shows a solid process to achieve clarity and inspiration in one line. 


The goal of a blog is to offer free value to site visitors and earn their trust by positioning your business as helpful and knowledgeable. The majority of your current blog titles tend to describe the content instead of positioning them as helpful (and ultimately clickable) pieces of free information. For example, instead of using “A Blue and White Table with Juliska”, the title could be more enticing for visitors if it read “Elevate your Tablescape Using a Classic Juliska”. This works because it gives readers something they want, which is to elevate their tablescape, and it leads into how they can do it. Instead of using “Introducing Monogram Mondays” as a title, it could let people know about it’s helpfulness with a title like “Find Monogram Inspiration Here Every Monday”. 

Clickable blog titles have a bad reputation on the web for digressing into click bait, which I detest. Even so, there’s a good way to make your entire catalogue of helpful blogs even more enticing and clickable which remaining classy. 


“Get In Touch” 

My new philosophy with buttons is to think further down the line than usual. Getting in touch is a means to an end. I’ll get in touch in order to book JCP so you can take classic wedding photos. Couples don’t necessarily want to “get in touch” but they do want “classic wedding photos”, so why not make it something like that? “Get Classic Photos” or “Make Your Wedding Timeless” both are more vivid buttons in my mind.

Obviously these buttons are a bit too long as they stand now, but I would rework them into something concise and vivid that visitors want to click on. 

For example, my site buttons say “Grow Your Business”, but they used to say “Hire Me”. Of course hiring me is more direct, but no one wants to hire me because no one wants to spend money. What people want is to grow their business, and they’ll gladly hire me if I can help them do that.