Email Collecting - JJCO

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 5.40.31 PM.png

I ran lead generation campaigns to collect potential client emails for JJCO.

The goal with this campaign was to offer a valuable resource for free in exchange for email addresses. By positioning this resource on potential customers’ social media with paid advertising, we were able to reach more people, build a list of interested leads, and grow business.

  • $1,513.52 - Budget

  • 135 - Emails Collected

  • $16.91 - Cost per Lead

  • 32794 - People Reached

  • 40407 - Impressions

Music Video - Kap Slap

I ran paid brand awareness campaigns for the touring DJ and producer, Kap Slap. 

The goal with the ads on this video was to earn as many views with paid media as possible, while also reaching new fans and inviting them to follow along.

  • $920 - Budget

  • 2,257,065 - Impressions

  • 580,546 - Video Views

  • 3,266 - Page Likes

  • $ 0.28 - Cost Per Page Like

  • 5241 - Shares

  • $ 0.18 - Cost per Share

What would your endeavor look like if the word spread as fast as this?

Online Digital Products - Creator Presets


I ran sales conversions ads on Facebook and Instagram for Sawyer's Advanced Preset Pack on Creator Presets.

I Created, managed, and optimized a Facebook and Instagram sales conversions campaign that achieved a 1.7x ROI in 3 weeks. I also wrote, produced, and edited, 62 different ad variations for our campaign.

  • $2767.69 - Budget

  • 112 - purchases

  • $24.71 - Cost per purchase

  • $4480 - Revenue

  • ROI - 1.7x

  • 1,354,294 - People Reached

What could a campaign like this do for your business?

Interview Video - Paul Weaver


I ran paid brand awareness campaigns for Paul Weaver, the Midwest's golden son of Brand Photography.

We created a combo paid/organic views campaign around his video, The Story Behind the Lens.

  • 23k total views

  • 10.8k from ads


  • 291 reactions



What could exposure like this do for your following?

Lifestyle Video - Yes Theory


Yes Theory is a group of social risk-taking videographers who say "yes" to everything.

Our goal was to maximize Facebook video views at an affordable cost for their 24-Hour Blind Date Video, and come out on the other side of the campaign with as many new fans as possible.

The results speak for themselves: 

  • $130 budget

  • 121,285 paid views

  • 718 new page likes


  • 4,476 reactions from a valuable lookalike audience.

What could exposure like this do for your following?